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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A message from Mary Lindsay Dickinson, via Robert Gordon:

"People have been asking me what they could do to help us. I didn't know
what to say until yesterday when I woke up with Jim's voice in my head,
saying as he often did, "I am never insulted by money." This fits into
Cody and Luther's plan for the Zebra Ranch Studio, which is to continue to
record there with the benefit of Jim's sonic genius and musical ambiance.

If people want to participate in keeping Jim Dickinson's dream alive, they
can donate to friendsofjimdickinson@gmail.com through paypal or mail to
Mary Dickinson
P.O. Box 1015
Coldwater, MS 38618

Please help us spread the word that the Zebra Ranch studio is always open
for business, either as a rental or with the addition of Cody as producer,
Luther as guitarist and aesthetic consultant,and Jim smiling down on us
from Heaven."
Not that one wishes to turn this blog into a grave yard but... I await your thoughts on Alex Chilton with interest.
I meant to say, also of course, he will be missed by all who love music.
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