"It's easier to bone the President's wife than to get a movie made." Ray Charles.

How a cult music book became a cult music documentary, and it only took ten years.

Monday, March 28, 2005

So, I haven't been posting a lot recently. Apologies. Before I could recover from shooting the no-budget short last weekend I had to deal with a sudden family illness, which meant going back to Ireland for a few days. I'm just back, and getting re-engaged in the whole ICFM thing. Jim and the boys arrive Friday, rehearse Saturday (I'm shooting the rehearsals too - something I'm looking forward to, in a way, even more than the actual show) and play Sunday, returning to TN on Monday. It's going to be a whirlwind weekend. I'm kind of braindead. To pass the time, here's an excellent account, drawing heavily on Robert's book, of how freakshow wrestler Sputnik Monroe singlehandedly did what no musician or politician was able to do - he integrated Memphis through sheer, simple badassery (maybe that should be 'badasserie'? No matter. Let it stand.)
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