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Sunday, March 20, 2005

A few posts back I referred to having to go into Borders to find a copy of Playboy, so that I could read Robert's piece about Jerry Lee Lewis.... well, you know what? I never needed to put myself through that terrible ordeal, as it turns out the Observer's very fine Monthly Music Magazine have reprinted the piece, and it's available here.

Other ICFM news: looks like we'll be shooting the rehearsals for the Barbican show, which Jim Dickinson reckons should be very interesting indeed. I'm kind of unfeasibly excited about the idea of hanging out quietly in the rehearsal rooms watching some of my favourite players in the world bashing out their set for the next day's show.

Today I go off to a fantastic, Gothic location, on the Camberwell Rd of all places, to finish shooting the short. Our original location finally fell through on Wednesday, leaving us completely screwed for the weekend's shoot, but this place is even better - two Georgian houses knocked into one, furnished with the kind of stuff you normally only see in a Tim Burton movie. Excellent.
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