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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Excellent news today - Secker and Warburg will be bringing It Came From Memphis back into print in the UK, for the first time in nearly a decade, to co-incide with the Barbican shows. Unfortunately, it won't be an updated version, as the whole thing was done pretty fast. Either way, I'm chuffed that it's happening.

Also, I've just found the Mojo page on the Barbican shows, and it's way better, more up-to-date and just plain prettier than the Barbican's equivalent.

As for us - we're working like dogs to get the Ardent night covered. I've just read a running order for the night, and it's going to be a blast - a real revue-style shitkicking hootin' and hollerin' night. Everybody who's got any intention of ever being anybody has got to be there.

On the downside, I'm becoming aware that the Barbican isn't exactly the most perfect venue in terms of filming the shows, for mundane physical reasons. We'll be hard put to capture the energy that's going to be coming off the stage that night. But that's what we have to do.
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