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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A brief update on the activities of my intrepid producer: this woman, who has been in broadcasting at a very high level about as long as I've been legally able to drink (a long time, that) went off after our brief celebratory drink yesterday and - on a hunch - decided to track down our finance guy, who's been a bit difficult to get hold of over the past week, in his favourite poncy private Soho watering hole, and ask him what's going on. She called me on her way home at about eleven o'clock, having managed to get an update on who he's managed to get the ICFM treatment to (some high-level record company types) and having managed to get some more very useful bits and pieces of info to help us on our quest. I for one was impressed with her - this is the kinnd of person you want working alongside you when you're trying to get a film made....

Oh, and a belated thanks to the great Brian at BigRockCandyMountain (you know who he is, you most likely found me through his link!) for sending me not one but two excellent and beautifully packaged CDs last week - I'm moving house this weekend and as soon as the dust has settled I'll be returning the compliment, but with not two but THREE discs - take that!
holy crow! three??? now i'm in the hole. i'll have to get busy. hoped you liked the cd's though...i think some of my vinyl transfers got a little screwed up...sorry. happy to oblige, anyhow. i wait with bated (baited?) breath.
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