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Sunday, January 23, 2005

A week till I go to Rotterdam to present myself as a producer at the Cinemart there. I went in my previous incarnation as a director several years ago - hell, it may in fact have been close to a decade ago - with a very original horror movie script that I was trying to get made. It was so original that it disappeared completely, in fact, and never got anywhere near production... but we had some very entertaining meetings, including one with Peter Aalbeck Jensen (von Trier's producer) who announced cheerfully that he was moving into horror and porn. If he ever did, they failed to notify me. Anyway, it's a very friendly and easygoing fest, full of interesting producers and distributors. I'm on the lookout for a sales agent or distributor that will love the Memphis project enough to come on board and also commit to production funding... So, armed only with a stack of business cards that don't have my name on (I'm already practicing saying 'I've run out of my cards, here's my partners and I'll write my PERSONAL email address on the back so you can get me directly'), a pile of copies of the ICFM DVD, and a huge pile of treatments outlining the project in a breathlessly hyperbolic manner, I should at least manage to look the part of a young man on the way to the top of the heap. Sammy Glick with an Irish accent. Somebody who it would be very useful to have a piece of. In short, I will be lying like a big bearskin rug. I mean, that's what producers do, isn't it?
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