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Friday, January 28, 2005

This is one of those times when the whole blogging thing gets complicated. There's stuff happening that I probably would be way better off not placing in the public domain, even in this fairly obscure way. Nothing dramatic or soap-operatic - just a couple of delays and knock-backs that could potentially derail us if we allow them to... which, it goes without saying, we won't. But our National Broadcaster is proving uncooperative, and that was not really what I expected (though my vastly more experienced Co-Producer warned me about this....) and our Finance Guy is snarled up with end of tax year stuff and won't be able to take things further with his investors for a week at least.

A week is a hell of a long time given that the big Ardent show, the one featuring pretty much everybody who's in ICFM, is on in very slightly over two months. So we have begun to go back to basics and figure out how to do this as cheaply as possible, maybe with deferrals, anything so as not to miss this opportunity.

It's a slightly terrifying feeling, but a good one in a way as now at least we're not depending on external support so much - we know we can do this, ourselves, and have it in the can, and get our movie made no matter what. It's going to be tough, but it's going to happen.

A small good thing: today I took delivery of an advance copy of the ICFM - Barbican CD. I'm listening to Carla Thomas sing 'B-A-B-Y' right now. It's a great collection - 'Cadillac Man' by the Jesters, been looking for that for years... a Mud Boy track I've never heard... and a thing called 'Rock and Roll Sermon' by Elder Beck, a hellfire sermon about the evils of that devil's music, all soundtracked by some of the most snake-hipped music you've ever heard. All thriller, no filler, like the man says.
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