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Monday, November 08, 2004

Just a quick mention for the current issue of the reliably mediocre Uncut magazine: they've got, not one, but two cover mounted CDs with the current issue. If you get the 'Best of 2004's Reissues' one, you'll find the epochal 'Bangkok' by Alex Chilton (can't believe I didn't play that when DJing the other week. Dammit.) and an Eddie Hinton track that I haven't yet heard - but any Eddie Hinton beats pretty much anything else when it comes to blue-eyed soul.
An aside: while in Dublin I found a second-hand copy of Stanley Booth's book, 'Rythm (sic) Oil: A Journey Through the Music of the American South'. Flipping it open to his first-hand account of sitting in the studio and watching Otis Redding and Steve Cropper making up 'Dock of the Bay' as they went along, I showed it to my friend and writing partner Stephen Walsh. He read a paragraph or two, and when he got to the line where Otis muses, "I got him sittin' there, but I don't know why he's sittin'", his eyes glazed over slightly and he marched in a slightly zomboid manner to the cashdesk to fork out his four euros. From what he told me later having read more of the book, it may be the best four euros he's spent recently. And as far as I can recall, that's the exact same second-hand bookshop where I bought 'It Came From Memphis' lo, these many years gone by. Maybe it's on a ley line or something.
ha! i picked up a copy of brother stan's book in a second hand bookshop in dublin recently too. fantastic book. haven't had as much luck tracking down icfm new or old. also trying to trace the canton movie. be well
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