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How a cult music book became a cult music documentary, and it only took ten years.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Inspired by the above, here's the playlist on the Memphis CD I recently burned for my new co-producer:
Skin - Dan Penn (Nobody's Fool)
Going to brownsville - Furry Lewis (It Came From Memphis)
Boll Weevil - Sid Selvidge (It Came From Memphis)
In the Army of the Lord- Rev. Robert Wilkins ("...Remember Me")
Jumper on the Line - RL Burnside (Deep Blues)
She Wolf - Jessie Mae Hemphill (It Came From Memphis)
Oh How She Dances - Jim Dickinson (Dixie Fried)
Sad Song - Eddie Hinton (Hard Luck Guy)
Let Your Light Shine On Me - Mud Boy and the Neutrons (It Came From Memphis Vol. 2)
The Letter- The Boxtops
September Gurls- Big Star
Telstar - Compulsive Gamblers (Gamblin' Days Are Over)
You'll Do It All the Time - Jim Dickinson & the New Beale St Sheiks (It Came From Memphis Vol. 2)
Smokestack Lightning - Moloch (It Came From Memphis Vol. 2 )
Money Talks - MudBoy and the Neutrons (They Walk Among Us)
Shake 'Em on Down - North Missisippi Allstars (Shake Hands With Shorty)
She's My Witch - Tav Falco & Panther Burns (The World We Knew)
Story of my Life - Lesa Aldridge (It Came From Memphis)
Ballad of Billy and Oscar - Jim Dickinson (Free Beer Tomorrow)
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