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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Interesting things are starting to happen in the world of ICFM again, but I would rather not jinx anything by announcing prematurely. Instead I will plug two upcoming gigs: the first, in the Spitz in London's seamy East End on Sunday the 10th inst., is by the great Johnny Dowd, whose praises I have sung at length in this blog already. If you haven't seen him live, take my word for it - GO. He is Mister Entertainment.
The other is by a band about whom I know less than nothing. They have been recommended to me very highly by J Michael McCarthy himself and that's good enough for me. They are Viva l'American Death Ray Music and they play the wonderful Dirty Water Club at the Boston Arms, which has played host to the Dirtbombs, Tav Falco and (once upon a time when they used to play in pubs) the White Stripes. This gig is on Nov 5th but you can check if they are coming to a music provider near you by going to http://www.kissnrun.com/ (sorry, in too much of a hurry to do this as a html link, just cut'n'paste it fer Chrissake).

That's all for now!
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