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Friday, October 08, 2004

Did a radio interview yesterday where I spoke about the whole Memphis thing, and the upcoming Barbican fest, but the guy was more keen to discuss my drama project as it is sort of newsworthy at the moment. I'm getting excited by the possibility that we might be shooting this thing early next year... There seems to be a possibility of that at the moment anyway. I will attempt not to count too many chickens just yet. We have a new executive producer, a guy I met socially during some pretty interesting times this summer - we had a good time, let's just say - and at the time I had no idea that he worked in film. I knew he liked his music and was very knowledgable about it, so I screened the ten minute pilot film that myself and Robert made, and he loved it. Then a few weeks later he approached me in a very low-key way and said that he thought he might be able to attract some private investors. We've just about agreed on a contract now, and he's about to start work - being American he has an infectiously can-do attitude, which is a refreshing breath of fresh air. I like the way this is turning into a team, two Irish people and two Americans, one black and one Jewish, all working together to make this project into reality... better stop now, I sound like a member of the Chamber of Commerce talking about the new creche facilities.
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