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How a cult music book became a cult music documentary, and it only took ten years.

Monday, February 09, 2004

Well the Grammys have recognised Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash and Warren Zevon (as a folk artist - hunh?!?) but of course they are all just that little bit too dead to notice or care. Just as well really, none of the above-named are Grammy-type people. My co-director/co-producer/co-conspirator Robert Gordon had a nomination for his documentary on Muddy Waters, but given that everybody in the world is a bit blues-weary right now, it's no real surprise that the prize went to a film about the great Sam Cooke instead.
In ICFM world things are slightly less than great. Nothing in this business happens fast, but if we are indeed to shoot in April, we are going to need to kick serious ass. Or whatever.
Saw Gus van Sant's Elephant yesterday, and it has William Eggleston influences hanging out of it. It also uses stylistic devices pioneered by the great TV director Alan Clarke. It doesn't really add much of anything, except a pretty cast. Still a cut above the usual high school nonsense though.
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