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How a cult music book became a cult music documentary, and it only took ten years.

Friday, January 30, 2004

Okay, back to the interminable story of How I Ended Up Making This Movie.
It kind of neatly connects to the last post, in fact. And it involves late-night drunken websurfing too, demonstrating that indulging in these kinds of activities isn't necessarily such a terrible waste of time...
I had decided that I really, really wanted to see Eggleston's 'Stranded in Canton', so I googled it. No useful information there. While knocking around on the IMDB Cult Movie Board I saw a post that mentioned a Memphis-based filmmaker called JMM (John Michael McCarthy) and had a link to his website, so I checked it out. Go look, then come back and finish reading this.
Back? Okay, it's a pretty rockin' site, and I thought that this chap might well be somebody I could ask about Canton. So I emailed him and he responded, we started up quite a correspondence. Turned out we have a lot in common, both of us being the same age, adopted, and fantastically good-looking, as well as being independent filmmakers with chips on our white trash shoulders. Somewhere during the correspondence I must have mentioned that ICFM would make a great movie. Next thing I know, Mike has stopped Robert Gordon (whom he was slightly acquainted with) and told him that there's this nutty Irish filmmaker who's interested in filming his book. He gets me Robert's email address. It all snowballs from there... more later.
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