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Friday, January 30, 2004

I was on my way back from the launderette today when I got a call from Tav Falco. He was all happy because I had told him about Guy Maddin, way back when Tav was in London a couple of months back - I mean, it seemed weird that two guys in their forties who both live in the twenties should be so ignorant of each other... so anyway, after the Sunday afternoon I spent interviewing Tav for the Memphis film I tried to get him to come to see Maddin's new movie, 'The Saddest Music in the World'. but he wanted to hang out with record company people and see if he could hustle them instead.
Anyway Tav today rang to say that he'd eventually met Guy at the Paris premiere of 'Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary', which of course he loved. Why wouldn't he? It's filled with gorgeous swooning women and darkly suggestive visual tropes, a stew of the sort of semi-comatose irony that all the best art casualties love. Plus it's funny as fuck. And now they are best buddies, bonded by a shared love of Theda Bara and of razored, thin, almost despicably thin, moustaches. So now Guy Maddin has agreed to direct Tav's next promo video, except of course Tav hasn't got a record label. So if anybody out there knows how to get the greatest rock'n'roll outlaw of the 21st century signed up to a fifteen CD deal and given all the darkest groupiecentric desires of his heart, then let us all know the secret.
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